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Definition of mastermind
Meeting of the minds (and hearts), a think tank, a safe, smart and focused
platform to share resources, points of view, contacts, ideas, best practices,
opinions, etc. With like-minded and like-hearted people.

Every successful person has masterminds!

Originated by Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”, 2 centuries ago.
Mastermind groups offer peer brainstorming, accountability and support, to
create the success you want.

In a mastermind, the detailed agenda belongs to the group and each person’s
participation and commitment is key. Your mastermind partners give you
feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities, and set up accountability
structures that keep you focused and on track. You create a community of
support, who brainstorm together to move the members to new heights. You’ll
gain tremendous insights, which improve your business and personal life.
Your mastermind is an objective board of directors, a success team, and an
advisory group, all rolled into 1.

In summary, in your group you will have the opportunity to get access to entirely
new ideas, insights and contacts. You will be getting feedback from your group
on whatever issue or situation you choose to share.

What happens?
a. Introduce where you are from and what you do, and a recent
win/success/victory, or the answer to a pre-determined question
(every hot seater can answers the same question), i.e. “what are
you great at? 1 passion of yours”. The question should be one that
increases awareness of the valuable skills, experience and
resources of the group (30 sec max)
b. Everyone gets a turn in the “hot seat” of approximately 3-5 minutes.
Explain the issue /problem/challenge/question you want feedback
on. (1 min max). Examples below
c. The group masterminds, and/or types feedback in the chat to
all/“hot seat” participant

To “Hot-Seaters”on choosing your issue to ask the group for feedback on:
(Trust your instincts. It’s OK to explain your current situation and admit you are
not sure what to ask for. Insights will come out in the mastermind)

Examples of Wealth Questions
(“Being an entrepreneur is tough, because often there’s no one telling us what to
do. Until we’ve got our first product, defined our avatar, or built up a list of clients,
there’s both everything to do and nothing to do, all at the same time”)

● What would be the best investment of my resources (money, time, energy,
people), at this juncture?
● How do we develop a long-term plan for our business?
● How do I position myself to attract my next client?
● How do I grow my business beyond myself and what I can physically do?
● How do I get more referrals and get better testimonials?
● How can I use social media as a marketing tool?
● What can I do to set myself apart from other people in my industry?
● How do I keep my email list warm? What should I send them?…

What would be a breakthrough for me?
Where am I stuck?
What is the best strategy/plan/approach/method for my priority and most
important goal/intention/objective/vision?
What is the next step to accomplishing my desire? The objective has to be
specific, significant, sizeable, and accomplishable (not big, i.e. global hunger,
world peace…).

Tips to Masterminders (Feedback Givers):
1. Be Brief
2. There are 2 responses to feedback – 1: “Thank You” and 2: “Tell Me
3. Everything is 100% confidentiality and free of judgement. We are like
minded and hearted support peers
4. Give & Play at 100%, as it comes back to you 1 Million fold and more
5. Stay focused (turn off other distractions), punctual, on time, ready
6. Every1’s idea is valid and can trigger a gold mine. Everyone participates
★ Mandatory Headset, for best audio
★ Video/webcam (vs phone) is preferred, for best interaction
★ Everything shared is confidential



Mastermind events organized, moderated, and hosted by You Have Got The Power, Inc. and its affiliates, are designed to be sharing platforms, where participants, from any geographical location, can safely share ideas, contacts, products, services, financial opportunities, information, advice, opinions, research findings, resources, articles, and intellectual property.
The calls, or video calls are recorded for educational and marketing purposes.
Participants are invited by the hosts or other participants. 
Participation is voluntary.