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A Powerful Retreat in the Heart of the World: Italy!



it transforms your life into your “best life”.

Who is it for?

For a selected few, who are dedicated to living a happy life, as spots are very limited!


  • Visualization & guided imagery inside the most gorgeous Castles
  • Wake up with the the Alps‘ freshest air
  • Live on Italy’s biggest Lake, that inspired world famous experts, to build Empires, for millenniums!
  • Leadership through animals, as practiced by Oprah Winfrey and Hollywood celebrities, such as Robert Redford
  • Only the finest biodynamic, sustainable, organic, farm to table foods & beverages, combined by VIP Nutrition Doctors
  • Doga (yoga with dogs)
  • Double your free time with “sweet do nothing” (dolce far niente) & “life is beautiful” (bella vita) attitudes
  • Impactful Live Mastermind, Joint Ventures & team coaching
  • Newest, cutting edge “brain power” exercises
  • Camping under the stars
  • Live opera
  • Experience mentorship by International multi million dollar business owners
  • Reinvigorating and relaxing beach walks over breathtaking sunrise and sunsets
  • Learn how to increase your life span with world class Medical Doctors
  • Create and keep quality relationships, as taught by renowned experts & scientists
  • Breathe the art & culture of thousands of years and the biggest empires in history
  • and many, many more wonderful surprises, family style adventures, that will shape your future into your best future!

Save the dates: Friday, August 28 – Tuesday, September 1

PS: Excluded travel, room & board. We negotiated the best possible rates for this special event and all attendees

Enchanting Location

The Event will take place in a suggestive and charming location overlooking the Garda Lake: Acquaviva del Garda.

Special Activities

We are preparing very special and unique activities to make the Leader Retreat not only a High Education / Training Experience but also a Culture and Entertainment adventure.

Lake Castle

Majestic Opera Amphitheater