In being a grandparent, all of us are given a second opportunity in tending to the young minds that enter our lives. Parenting, though so common and ubiquitous, is hardly followed as an easy recipe. Parenting calls for a deep awareness about the vulnerabilities of our young ones, keen observation about the ongoing development of their minds and bodies, their strengths and shortcomings, their unlimited potentials. It calls for being there for them not only when they achieve their milestones, accomplishments but also when they fall, injure, have a setback or facing their share of life’s challenges.
The “Mind Gardener” Dr. Varada Divgi, MD (a Pediatric Consultant by profession now retired after over forty years of service) has compiled quotations from generations past around numerous qualities she would like foster and nurture in all of our minds, particularly young minds. She has presented them as a Thought Seeds, one for each day of the year. Here she has noted her reflections, encounters, lessons learned on her journey of personal and professional life. Enjoy this Treasure to Cherish.Enter your text here...

ISBN: 978-81-329-2869-2


Varada Divgi, MD is a pediatric consultant from Mumbai, India, immigrated to USA. She pioneered Pediatric Pulmonology in Atlanta area and State of Georgia in 1981, making the community and healthcare providers aware, that children are different and have different needs, mainly in regards to their breathing.
While practicing pediatrics, Dr Divgi has mastered “the Body and Mind Connection” necessary to bring about permanent positive changes in the lives she encounters. With her decisive, strategic interventions Dr Divgi has made a difference in thousands of children in & outside Georgia.
The challenges Dr Divgi had to face in her personal and professional life, have guided her to the path of personal development for last forty years. She has strived to learn from the leaders in the field including Master Coaches Zig Zigler, Bob Proctor, and recently Mary Mannin Morrissey, spiritual teacher par excellence!
Dr Divgi is now extending her capability in the form of coaching service through her company- “SeekBEYOND LLC”. Her focus is on CREATING A GENERATION of AWAKENERS with POSITIVE PARADIGMS! She wants to empower parents of young children, young entrepreneurs, young professionals and athletes, single women, business owners to discover their unlimited potential and make quantum leaps in their business and personal lives. She is expanding her services to corporations around the world.
She enjoys speaking to parent and caregivers of young children, groups, schools, colleges; holding workshops, seminars, webinars and working with children of all ages; high school and college students along with their parents, faculty members and administrators. Dr Divgi is envisioning a different, exploring and challenging way of teaching that will help in closing the “knowing / Doing Gap” of all people!
Dr Divgi’s own programs are “FILL THAT CUP” for the parents and caregivers of the young children is giving the parents tools to fill the "mental cup" of their children and “RECLAIM YOURSELF” for anyone who is willing and ready to join the journey to connect with their unlimited potential- It is a holistic healing self-discovery program.
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